2015 Sep 1
Color of the Month: Terracotta

Reminiscent of a fading sunset or stark desert, terracottas are earthy hues that brings a sense of inviting warmth to any space it touches. Whether it’s a muted clay or a rust orange, this color can suit a variety of home styles and tastes. Continue reading »

2015 Aug 27
Life at Cloverhill: Restoring a 1903 Farmhouse

Amanda Gordon of Life at Cloverhill is a returning BEHR DIY Expert for 2015 and shares her adventures in making a home with her husband in their 1903 farmhouse in rural Ontario, Canada. They have been spending the summer working on the exterior of the farmhouse and are excitedly sharing the updates this week on her blog.

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2015 Aug 24
Industrial Chic DIY Clothing Rack

“Industrial meets chic”, is a rustic look with a feminine feel and trendy twist. I have always appreciated clever re-purposing ideas, such as piping being used for décor rather than its original pluming uses. There are so many things you can do with pipes, besides plumbing,  it is amazing! So for this project I set out, to give pipes a fresh innovative appeal as a portable clothing rack. Continue reading »

2015 Aug 21
Paint a Pet Silhouette

Silhouettes, a long-established portrait technique for people, have found new popularity as prefered pet portraits. Pet lovers looking to display the overwhelming cuteness of their beloved animals, can do so colorfully and fashionably. This entry details the fun, and easy, steps needed to create a pet silhouette like those featured in our online 2016 trend article.  Continue reading »

2015 Aug 17
Colorful Travels, Close to Home

I’ll first say this: If you’re a color enthusiast living in the upper Midwest and have not seen Naniboujou, you’re missing out. Never heard of it? Neither had I. Having lived in Minnesota most of my life it would seem unlikely that this hidden gem wasn’t on my radar.

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