2015 Apr 17
Ask a Color Expert -Robin’s Ranch

Colorfully, Behr fans are invited to submit questions via the Ask Erika portal on the blog site. All questions will be answered! An inquiry came in from a reader named Robin asking for advice on how to coordinate colors for an orange brick house. Continue reading »

2015 Apr 10
HDC Spring/Summer Colors

For some of the season’s freshest looks, check out the Spring/Summer 2015 paint palette brought to you by the Home Decorators Collection. The 24 new colors are now available in Behr paints at The Home Depot. Continue reading »

2015 Apr 3
Color of the Month: Sunny Yellow

Once a color to be used with caution, sunny yellow makes a spring time statement. When used as an exterior accent, watch it liven up doors, windows, trim and outdoor patio furniture. It lends a retro-70s vibe, without the disco-flashback!

Continue reading »

2015 Mar 25
Our Favorite Links This Week

Here’s a roundup of our favorite links this week – enjoy!

2015 Mar 23
DIY Painted Easter Vases Project

Easter can be messy. Whether it’s the hard-boiled eggs from the morning Easter egg hunt (one inevitably breaks!) or that infernal plastic Easter grass (seriously, does anything else besides glitter get everywhere more easily?), Easter morning memories too often give way to Easter afternoon cleanup. Continue reading »

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