2015 Jan 22
Fun and Functional Basement Spaces

So you’ve got an unsightly basement and want to turn it into the man cave or game room you’ve always dreamed of? Maybe you need somewhere for your guests to stay? Continue reading »

2015 Jan 19
Paint Anything!

It isn’t just walls that benefit from the rejuvenation of new color –  an old piece of furniture gets and instant make-over with a fresh coat of paint. Check out some new ideas and color combinations that will bring harmony and unity to furniture, walls and rooms. Continue reading »

2015 Jan 16
Modern Ideas

A modern show house in southern California puts its best face forward with BEHR® Paint! White walls, high ceilings and abundant light make this home feel cool and spacious, while touches of color added interest and intrigue in unexpected places. Continue reading »

2015 Jan 10
Color of the month: Winter Whites


What better way to start the new year than with a clean slate? Winter whites set the stage for a new beginning at home. Slightly cool and blue in tone, they help create an expansive feel in a room. Look for everything from foggy grays to ice blue, frosty lavender and ethereal green. They are easy to use and enhance any decor style! Continue reading »

2015 Jan 9
Color, Transparency and Light


Beautiful combinations of color, transparency and light continue to inspire art, furniture and even architecture. Continue reading »

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