2014 Nov 14
New HDC 2014 F/W Color Collection

We are happy to announce our newest palette addition- The Home Decorators Collection 2014-15 fall/winter color collection.  In this brochure you will find 24 new seasonal hues inspired by the latest trends in interior design.

Fall inspiration: Hay rides, falling leaves pumpkin patches.

The 2014 fall palette draws its inspiration from the rich warm tones that surround us in autumn- cool pumpkin oranges, golds, creamy whites, olive greens and deep jeweled tones in blues and purples.

Winter inspiration: Conifers, snow day necessities and blustery winds.

The 2015 winter palette summarizes all that is beloved in winter- snowy aqua blues, fresh pine greens, pitch blacks, sooty grays and bright berry reds.

Find and explore these new palette colors at behr.com Paint Colors

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2014 Nov 12
Painted Shelving

Looking for an easy way to create interest in your room? Why not try painted shelving? Continue reading »

2014 Nov 3
Color of the Month: Berry Red

Nothing makes a statement like red and rich berry tone variations are the easiest to use. The most successful berry reds this season? Cranberry, raspberry, pomegranate and claret. Continue reading »

2014 Oct 30
Made of Wood and Stone


Natural stone has been a popular building material since the dawn of time. Thanks to its beauty, durability and ageless quality, stone is stretching the limits for how it may be used. Continue reading »

2014 Oct 25
Hidden Santiago: Cafes and Color

Although my short visit to Santiago was fully scheduled from dusk til dawn, there were moments of “bleisure”, that blurring of boundaries between business and leisure that sometimes happens when you travel for work. I’ve been many places, but this was my first time to Chile so I was eager to explore and the camera was ready! Continue reading »

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