2014 Oct 24
2014 Casa Cor – Chile

Casa Cor is the largest furniture and design exposition South America. For 25 years it has been the gathering point for the interior design world, taking place in cities across Brazil, Panama, Peru and Uruguay. 2014 marked the 4th year the event was held in Santiago, Chile. Continue reading »

2014 Oct 22
Ask Erika: Jessica’s Open Floor Plan

Colorfully, Behr reader Jessica asked us about painting her home’s interior. Read Erika’s advice below! Continue reading »

2014 Oct 18
Our Favorite Links This Week




Here’s a roundup of our favorite links this week – enjoy!



2014 Oct 14
Mineral Grays

Minerals found in the earth show a wide variety of colors, and some of my favorite color names come from them: Cornelian red, amber, cinnabar and agate and tourmaline. From the dark gray category of mineral elements there is flint, graphite, magnetite, and pyrite. Some shades of gray are more brown, others fall in to the category of steely blue. Dark hues like this on the wall help ground a room and set the stage for coordination with many other colors. Our gallery of favorite  grays shows how to use these colors by themselves or in combination with other hues, showing them off to their full potential: Continue reading »

2014 Oct 8
MARQUEE™ the Inspiration

Our most advanced line of paint has finally debuted in stores.  372 beautiful one coat colors can be found in six inspirational lifestyle palettes.

Curious as to which lifestyle palette will suit you best? Perhaps a Marquee palette deeper dive is in order! Let’s tour through the six palettes and reveal their inspirational secrets… Continue reading »

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