2014 Aug 21
DIY Wooden Doormat

This DIY wooden door mat instantly adds color and charm to your front porch or entry way.  It’s a simple project to create and a great way to experiment with some fun new paint colors or use up some of your leftover paint!

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2014 Aug 18
Colorful Flourishes

Sometimes, it is all about the details. And although they can be small, details often carry high impact! Think of tassels and poms as the decoration on the decoration. They add an extra flourish to accessory items like throw pillows, blankets and window treatments. Simple or ornate, tassels and poms help amplify color anywhere in your home. Continue reading »

2014 Aug 15
Summer Color Spectacular!

For our latest and greatest giveaway we are spotlighting 15 top selling colors.  If you haven’t already entered, please do by following the link below.  If you have, this post will provide you with the descriptions, room images and links to the colors featured so far. Please explore and enjoy.

Enter here

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2014 Aug 9
Our Favorite Links This Week




Here’s a roundup of our favorite links this week – enjoy!


2014 Aug 8
Wall Decorations

Accent walls featuring one unique color is a popular way to create a focal point or anchor elements in a room. While painted color is an affordable way to add interest to walls, there are other things you can do that don’t take a lot of time, money or effort. Continue reading »

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