2014 Sep 10
Blue City

You’ve heard the phrase “painting the town red” as a reference for going out and having a good time. Although most of us have never seen this metaphorical place (wink, wink), a town does exist where everything is painted a most shocking shade of blue. Continue reading »

2014 Sep 6
Our Favorite Links This Week




Here’s a roundup of our favorite links this week – enjoy!



2014 Sep 3
2015 Color Trends


The time has finally come for the release of our 2015 color trends!

Our goal this year- to show how color use can be balanced through an intermixing of different tones, values and intensities. We’ve taken the color palettes from each of the four design themes and used them interchangeably across the rooms and styles.

Continue reading »

2014 Aug 29
Ask Erika – Jo



I have a one story, ranch style home with a dark red tiled roof. The back patio is light terracotta stamped concrete, and the oversized front door is oak with side oak and glass. Do you have any recommendations for a color and trim color that will co-ordinate with everything?


Continue reading »

2014 Aug 28
Mural Artist Brightens Up New Mexico Town

Our travels take us to Taos, New Mexico this week, where artist/architect David Vedoe uses BEHR PREMIUM PLUS to create amazing murals like the one you see above.

David has always done architectural illustrations, so for him the leap to mural artist was a simple one. His aim is to show people that they can use paint to change the look of a building in unpredictable ways. Continue reading »

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