2015 Nov 24
Give Thanks for Color!


With the hours of recipe and meal preparation, your Thanksgiving dinner is bound to be a hit—but have you thought about the table itself? If your decor leaves something to be desired, try this quick DIY Mason jar centerpiece. Not only will it provide a visual feast for your guests, but it will also keep the spirit of gratitude and thankfulness front and center as you enjoy your meal. Continue reading »

2015 Nov 20
Stained Pallet Succulent Rack

Succulents have gained a high degree of popularity in recent days.  For those of us that live in the water parched desert they are a beautiful and low maintenance alternative to flowers.  With the variety of species and colors creating a display rack is a perfect project for those with limited space and/or gardening experience.   Continue reading »

2015 Nov 13
Ask an Expert- Elegant Dining Room

An inquiry came in from a reader named Jan who is in search of some graceful, bold, chic colors for her large dining room with a cozy fireplace. Continue reading »

2015 Nov 6
DIY- Custom Lens Case

With a passion for photography, I’ve accumulated a myriad of camera gear over the years.  My lenses, especially, have become cluttered and disorganized. After out growing several camera bags I decided I needed a solution to keep them organized, protected and easily accessible.

I had some wooden crates left over from a recent photo shoot, and thought I could put them to better use than just collecting dust in the corner. At that moment project, “Custom Lens Crate” was born! Continue reading »

2015 Nov 2
Day of the Dead

Last week’s travels in Mexico City gave me an up-close, personal view of Day of the Dead, a popular tradition in Mexican culture. The morbid theme of death is converted into something joyful, fun and communal with colorful altars built to commemorate the dead. Continue reading »

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