2014 Sep 30
Studio Office Remodel

My studio-office has been so much fun to remodel. I think it’s because I gave myself a little color-freedom in this space! Continue reading »

2014 Sep 29
Ask Erika – Nicole


Colorfully, Behr reader Nicole asked us about painting her home’s interior. Read Erika’s advice below! Continue reading »

2014 Sep 20
Our Favorite Links This Week




Here’s a roundup of our favorite links this week – enjoy!


2014 Sep 19
Investment Pieces

Many Canadian homes are graced with subtle hues in the neutral palette range, when it comes to interiors and the colours selected for their walls.  This can often be attributed to Canadian architecture and the northern light, which play a part affecting our colour decisions.   Neutrals also lend sereneness to a space, along with a level of sophistication. Continue reading »

2014 Sep 10
Blue City

You’ve heard the phrase “painting the town red” as a reference for going out and having a good time. Although most of us have never seen this metaphorical place (wink, wink), a town does exist where everything is painted a most shocking shade of blue. Continue reading »

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